The Sewa Project Management Model


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It includes approaches for leading teams, working with ideas, organizing projects, managing schedules, dealing with politics, and making things happen-even in the face of great challenges and unfair situations. Unlike some other books on how to lead projects, this book doesn’t ascribe to any grand theory or presumptively philosophy. Instead, I’ve placed my bet on innovation, practicality, and diversity. In fact, project management skills are not so esoteric that only geniuses can master them. All of us can learn them and excel at project management, and that is what this book is about. Projects result in good things when the right combination of people, skills, attitudes, and tactics is applied, regardless of their origin or (lack of) pedigree. I’ve wagered heavily on picking the right topics and giving good advice over all other considerations. I hope you find that I’ve made the right choice!

This inspiring and practical guidebook is based on my own personal leadership principles I lived and practiced at SEWA, but you won’t find these principles in any official SEWA guide to leadership success. These principles can, hopefully, help you find your own authentic voice, success, and fulfillment. This is important and the soul of this book.